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Do you want to love your life and create your dreams?

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Love getting results? So do we! We hold a safe, supportive space combined with practical and proven strategies so you can do what’s required to create the life you love.


All of our services and offerings are tested for the highest quality so you get the most powerful techniques and tools in the world to achieve the results you are looking for.

Personalised or Group

We offer a variety of programs to suit all outcomes and budgets - from one-on-one delivery to group delivery.


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About Rebecca

Rebecca Baldwin is a Transformational Coach specialising in shame, boundaries, mindset, trust, communication and leadership. She developed the Self Leadership Series - a range of events and workshops based on the her principle that the best leaders - lead themselves first.  With her unique ability of identifying the root cause of people's problems and realigning their head, heart and hand to achieve tangible results, Rebecca is an in-demand coach. Through one-on-one coaching and online events, Rebecca shares her passion so you can become your most empowered authentic self.


Rebecca first started supporting me when I was in the initial stages of setting up a new business and wanted to build confidence in my new skill set. 

Within 2-3 sessions of targeted questions and guided meditation, I was powering through my business set-up and it was clear the original issues were resolved. We moved onto more personal challenges, where Rebecca incorporated her knowledge of Kinesiology to help me find new perspectives to old problems and free up my energy to focus on my chosen tasks. 

I'd recommend Rebecca to anyone looking to make progress by overcoming emotional blocks or limiting beliefs. She has a special understanding of complex post-traumatic stress, which helped her challenge me in a way that was simultaneously honest and gentle.

Rebekah K, Results Coach

Rebecca and her sessions provide a safe structured method of healing through ones own personal issues. Kinesiology & Coaching was a healing modality I’d heard about but not experienced and it was with a bit of caution and some hesitation before I finally made the decision to give it a try. 

Rebecca herself is a wonderful honest and very talented healer that knows her modality well and along with her own life experiences and deep desire to help others, she has a knack to bring out in yourself your own truth. I was very comfortable in her presence and always felt supported.

My sessions where focused on resolving the stress around working for myself and dealing with the fears and their root causes, where I was also offered different ways of looking at my own situation and allowing me to reconnect in with what I truly wanted to do and face this path with less fear.

I would highly recommend Rebecca and her work to anyone looking for a dedicated caring professional that can truly lend you a helping hand forward in yourself and your life.

Danuta W, Yogalove


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